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Tinea and Jock Itch – A Natural Approach

Posted on 23 April 2014

At some stage or another tinea and jock itch will create discomfort in most men’s lives. While many creams can help to work through the initial symptoms, this same situation can present itself later on down the track if not properly managed.

Tinea and jock itch are related skin conditions that are most commonly caused by an overgrowth of a skin fungus, causing redness, itching and irritation of the skin in the groin, between the toes or in the armpits. This fungus likes to live in a moist and warm environment, which makes a man’s ‘man bits’ a perfect environment for it to survive. Some natural ways to ensure that the fungus does not continue to survive is to follow the following guidelines:

Keep your skin clean and dry. Thoroughly towel dry all areas of your body, especially the areas that the fungus likes to thrive – toes, groin and armpits. Using a fan or hairdryer on the lowest setting can help to remove moisture quickly without causing irritation.

Avoid wearing tight clothing & underwear that restricts air movement or causes rubbing or irritation. Boxers or free-styling it are a preferred option were possible.

Don’t scratch! Scratching the area can cause further irritation and even result in broken skin – which down the track can cause more discomfort and issues.

Shower regularly particularly after exercise or sweating (need we mention this?). Also avoid using soaps that are harsh or overly drying as this can further irritate the area, consider using Dr Bronner’s Tea Tree Shower Gel which will not only fight off the fungus, but prevent any further irritation.

Wash your underwear and socks regularly, and choose items that are made of a high amount of cotton, bamboo, hemp or other natural fiber to allow your skin to ‘breathe’ properly.

If you shower at a communal gym or workplace, wear thongs or sandals that can be easily cleaned and replaced regularly to prevent re-infection.

Watch your sugar intake. Ultimately fungus feeds on sugar, so keeping your regular diet on track will not only help with your overall health, but also prevent feeding the fungus responsible for tinea and jock itch. Reducing your sugar intake includes cutting out the obvious sweets and chocolate, but also cutting right back on soft drinks, alcohol, white bread and dried fruits.

Discuss the issue with your partner; you may be passing the fungal culprit back and forth to one another, if so, go back to guideline 1. and start again.

Lastly, using a natural topical application like Botani Phytoseptic Antiseptic Cream can help to kill off the fungus responsible for the tinea or jock itch. As a natural alternative to your pharmaceutical creams Botani Phytoseptic Antiseptic Cream helps to fight off the fungus naturally without damaging your skin.

Tinea or jock itch that is ongoing or difficult to treat can be an indication of immune or blood sugar issues and may need to be addressed by a Naturopath, Herbalist or other health professional. If you find that your symptoms are on-going or difficult to get rid of you should look at getting some more specific advice for your situation.



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