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Hungry For Change DVD Review

Posted on 31 July 2012

Hungry For Change - Your health is in your hands.

This latest release DVD from the makers of “Food Matters” is informative, educational and entertaining. For many who already lead a natural, healthy lifestyle, the information contained in the DVD will confirm and cement your views on healthy eating. However, for a majority of people who have veered off the path of healthy living, this film provides insightful information on how commonly consumed processed ‘foods’ are contributing to the declining health in western countries.
Hungry For Change DVD Review
As with their previous documentary “Food Matters”, “Hungry For Change” encompasses a combination of interviews with health professionals & testimonials from health advocates, intertwined with the fictional tale of an average woman living a standard mainstream life. We follow the journey of this woman who, for all intents and purposes is living a normal life, however is not feeling optimal health due to her less than healthy lifestyle choices.
Specifically, this film looks at weight loss (or weight gain) issues and addresses the influence of diet drinks, monosodium glutamate (MSG), aspartame, artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners in processed foods and how they are influencing the overall health of western society. During the course of the documentary, suitable alternatives to processed foods are provided to encourage the viewer to take greater responsibility for their own health and to move away from the marketing incentives of denatured processed foods.
Snippets of wisdom from health experts like Dr Alejandro Junger, Joseph Mercola and Dr Christiane Northrup are seamlessly intertwined with interviews with healthy eating advocates such as Jon Gabriel (“Gabriel Method”), Kris Carr (“Crazy Sexy Diet”) and Australia’s own Joe Cross (“Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”). Refreshingly, there are no products that are being marketed, no brands being pushed and no gimmicky sales pitches.
Ultimately, “Hungry For Change” is the kind of documentary that you will go back to and watch a few times, just to refresh your passion and motivation for living a healthy life and choosing nutritious foods. I would recommend this film for anyone who feels that they have lost sight of their health/weight/life goals and needs some gentle persuasion to refocus their journey towards a healthy & happy life.


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