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Ere Perez Natural Jojoba Oil Eye Pencil Review

Posted on 26 November 2012

It wasn’t too long ago that I had, for the most part given up on finding a natural eyeliner that was suitable for my sensitive eyes. I had grown tired of eyeliners that scratched, broke, irritated my skin, or simply wouldn’t draw. My eyeliner drought recently ended when I decided to treat myself to another attempt at using a natural eyeliner, I decided to give the Ere Perez Natural Jojoba Oil Eye Pencil a whirl, and this is how it went:
Ere Perez Natural Jojoba Eye Pencil Review
Ere Perez Natural Eye Pencil draws on with first application, does not scratch, scrape or drag, has not irritated my eyes  and actually looks good when I apply it (now that is saying something!). Surprisingly, I found that this eyeliner actually stays on all day, doesn’t smear all over my eye and is simple and easy enough for me to remove with my regular natural cream cleanser.

I did find it challenging to find the little hidden sharpener in the lid of the pencil – the lid has a lid of its own, but once I sorted that out it was all fine.

The only real problem I have with this Ere Perez Natural Jojoba Oil Eye Pencil is that I didn’t discover it earlier!

I found the brown Ere Perez Natural Jojoba Oil Eye Pencil  goes great with Zuii Flora Certified Organic Eyeshadow  in chestnut with a smear of Ere Perez Natural Rosehip Oil Nude Lipbar – perfectly natural, perfectly easy to apply.


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