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The Oh She Glows Cookbook Review

Posted on 10 August 2016

My favourite birthday gift this year was a copy of Angela Liddon's The Oh She Glows Cookbook, it's already dog-eared and stained from use and this vegan recipe book is fast becoming one of our most used (and drooled over) recipe books.

Oh She Glows Cookbook Review

A couple of years ago my partner and I came across a recipe online for a Mexican type vegetarian casserole. It was a recipe by a vegan blogger, Angela Liddon, and her blog was called “Oh She Glows.” Well the vegetarian casserole recipe and it's partner recipe for enchilada spice mix found it's way into our permanent recipe collection folder, joining lots of other printed out or handwritten top recipes we'd come across through the years.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago, and what should I receive as a birthday present? A copy of The Oh She Glows Cookbook! How exciting! I quickly checked through the book, and sure enough, there was the casserole recipe. Crowd Pleasing Tex Mex Casserole she calls it's a little different to the one we've printed out and got in our folder, but the essentials of it are the same.

About The Oh She Glows Cookbook

The Oh She Glows Cookbook is a paperback, with over 100 recipes, and at over 300 pages, it's a heavy volume, with lots of full page, full colour photos throughout. Although my copy is only a couple of months old, it's already showing signs of wear and tear, as I've had it out several times. Angela includes her guide to what staples to have in your pantry, and ways to swap out potentially harmful ingredients for more healthy alternatives...things like what to use instead of refined sugar as a sweetener, and different types of flour, herbs and spices. Near the back of the book there's a variety of gravies, mayonnaise, sauces, jams and other condiments that you can knock up from scratch....even how to make your own nut milk.

Taking the Recipes For a Test Drive

It's quite humorous reading Angela's The Oh She Glows Cookbook. The introduction to her recipes are down-to-earth and honest, with little jokes and odd bits of information throughout. One recipe that immediately caught my eye was the Luxurious Tomato Basil Pasta which looked delicious and made use of cashew cream, which I'd never made before. Angela's cashew cream for this recipe seemed slightly different to ones I'd looked up online, in that she used almond milk and cashews, and most recipes use water and cashews. Any way, it was pretty easy to make, just soak the cashews for a few hours, then chuck them in the blender with the almond milk and blend on full blast until all smooth and creamy. The other interesting ingredient I had not used very much was nutritional yeast. As it's a vegan book, and I love my essential cheeses, I wondered how it would go. But anyway, I followed the recipe strictly, and it all turned out fine. I found I didn't miss the cheese – in fact if I'd caved in and used cheese it would have been too full-on I think. As it was, the balance of all the ingredients and their proportions made the meal perfectly delicious and not lacking at all.

A Vegan Cookbook for Every Taste

There's lots more to explore in this vegan cookbook, and a lot of the meals are fairly common dishes with little variations to make them unique and interesting. They're not minimalist recipes, there's lots of sauces and flavours – it's not a calorie counting book either. Although it IS a vegan recipe book, Angela isn't preaching veganism, nor is this book about dieting or following any particular “way,” it's just a stack of yummy recipes she's put together that she's had success with, in her own journey of healthy living. She acknowledges the allergies and sensitivities a lot of people have these days, and she's tried to offer alternatives throughout; there's also notes to mention if a recipe is gluten-free, soy-free etc..

Australian Friendly Metric Measurements!

Angela is a Canadian, so thankfully she uses metric measurements in the recipes so it's suitable for Australians, I get a bit annoyed at books or recipes that only use imperial measurements and then I've got to convert everything before starting!

I really appreciate the easy reading style of The Oh She Glows Cookbook, as I know some authors who are passionate about a particular “way” like Paleo or Raw or whatever, can get a bit preachy and teachy, but there's nothing about this book that leaves me feeling like I'm doing it all wrong and the book's way is right. In fact, reading this book after not checking Angela's blog for ages kind of feels like catching up with a friend you haven't seen for years. With a few photos of a smiling Angela throughout the book, and her husband in the kitchen Eric, she'll have you smiling too...and maybe drooling just a little, like I was.

By your own copy of Angela Liddon's fabulous The Oh She Glows Cookbook here.


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