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Bass Body Care

Bass Body Care Sisal Deluxe Hand Glove

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The art of skincare starts with Bass Body Care Sisal Deluxe Hand Glove, gently exfoliating and softening with 100% natural fibres.

Sisal is a natural fibre from the agave plant, soft on skin but tough enough to give you a great clean and rid your skin of dead cells and flaky skin, paving the way for cell regeneration and skin that glows. Using Bass Body Care Sisal Deluxe Hand Glove can help to improve circulation and the lymphatic system drains away toxins and waste, making it ideal for cellulite.

The Bass Body Care Sisal Deluxe Hand Glove is so easy to use, just put the glove on, wet the glove completely, grab some soap (or not) and work an upward circular motion on your skin. It's like dry brushing – but wet. Change hands for ease of movement or use two gloves for a great workout. Feel invigorated from your self massage or save water and use it with a friend!

This deluxe, long lasting exfoliating glove is made from 100% sisal with no added ingredients and is totally biodegradable. Use daily if required. Rinse thoroughly after use and hang it up to dry.

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