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Jenny Blyth

Birthwork - Jenny Blyth

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‘Birthwork: A Compasionate Guide to Being with Birth' is an important holistic complement to existing bodies of knowledge about caring for the birthing mother. It is for the professional and non-professional birth worker alike, detailing how we can care compassionately with both a 'thinking mind' and 'feeling heart', and above all, acknowledging the power of spirit and the ultimate mystery of birth. 

While 'Birthwork' offers a wealth of practical advice, enlivened by many personal stories, it is much more than a work book. Informed always by the richness of its life affirming philosophy, it is an open invitation to loving kindness and presence.

We are left no doubt about the significance of working with birth. How we choose to behave towards and care for the mother has a profound influence on the way she births and feels about her experience. Ultimately, how well we care affects the wellbeing of future generations of parents, children and society.

'Birthwork' is a guide intended for anyone who is working with, or caring for, pregnant, birthing and new mothers, including the mother herself.

Introduction: 'Birthwork' is a guide intended for anyone who is working with, or caring for pregnant, birthing and new mothers. This includes professional and lay people alike and may also include support people, the father or coparent, or the mother herself. Though I have not addressed mothers directly, I strongly believe that the mother's self-awareness and self-care is paramount in ensuring an optimal maternal experience.' - Jenny Blyth

Softcover, 460 pages
ISBN: 0-9757610-0

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