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Cinderella Floor Cleaner 500mL Pineapple

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Cinderella Pineapple & Coconut good as new floor cleaner is suitable for all types of floor surfaces, from tiles to treated timbers. A purely plant based product, free from petrochemicals or animal products. 

Cinderella Floor Cleaner - Good As New Floor Cleaner - 25 standard uses in each bottle! 

Great for marble, tiles, limestone, timber and parquetry floors. Use Good As New Floor Cleaner for a streak free floor with just one mop over. Leaves a fresh hint of pineapple for that tropical feel. 

Does not contain petroleum distillates, ammonia, or phosphates.
Contains antibacterial grim removing agents.
100% biodegradable. Made from plants.
100% People safe.
Contains high quality plant based surfactants.
Also great for handwashing dishes!

Directions:  add two squirts, about 20ml, to a bucket of warm water.  Great for tiles, treated timber, natural timber, polished timber, marble, granite slate, polished concrete, rubber and plastic surfaces.

Ingredients: water, surfactants sourced from natural renewable resources, fragrant oils from natural and renewable resources, preservatives.

Cinderella Cleaning Products are made from renewable resources and are petrochemical free. They work hard but when you have finished with them they degrade quickly (9x faster than standard surfactants) so they don't irritate the environment. They are coloured with food grade colours so the products will quietly fade away after you have finished with them and Cinderella bottles are made out the most recyclable plastic PET.

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