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Colora Henna

Colora Henna Powder 60g

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Colora brightens and highlights your hair, leaving it gleaming and elegant. Colora Henna powder does not contain any parabens, propylene glycol, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, nor any other synthetic chemicals that are known as carcinogens.

Colora Henna Powder 60g

Out of the ancient past comes the secret of colouring hair with plants and water, without chemicals. Colora Henna powder will not penetrate the hair or change its structure, but each and every hair shaft will actually be wrapped and its body thus visibly increased with the very first application. Colora Henna works wonders for hair, especially if it feels dull and lifeless. Henna adds body and bounce, and offers a choice of rich but subtle colour changes.

Colora's 'natural' shade will add extra body and shine with no change in colour. All the other twelve shades will add a thin layer of transparent colour so that the original hair colour will shine through and enhance the final result for the ultimate natural look.

For colour chart and more information on Colora Henna go to Colora Henna Information.

Colora Henna Powder adds moisture, body and shine to:
  • Dry, brittle or permed hair
  • Damaged or drab hair
  • Lifeless or limp hair
  • Tinted or bleached hair

Colora Henna Powder is available in Natural Henna, plus several fabulous shades: Wheat Blonde, Buttercup Blonde, Apricot Gold, Red Sunset, Auburn, Burgundy, Mahogany, Gold Brown, Light Brown, Chestnut, Brown, Ash Brown and Black.

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Ingredients: Henna. May also contain: indigo, centaurea, rhubarb, beetroot.

The henna powder is made from natural plants such as Rhubarb Root, dried petals of Centaurea and other dried plants that when mixed with water releases a natural dye.

The henna powder does not contain any parabens, propylene glycol, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, nor any other synthetic chemicals that are known as carcinogens that can cause cancer.

Because henna does not contain chemicals it is a semi-permanent hair dye and you will find that the colour will fade over a period of several weeks. You will find that your colour will lasts longer with 100% natural shampoo & conditioner. Repeated application over several weeks is sometimes required to get the desired result.

Shampoo and towel try hair. In a glass or plastic bowl, mix Colora Henna Powder with water to a thick, soupy texture. Apply on hair with a brush, preferably using gloves. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and let set for one hour. For a richer colour, leave on hair longer. Rinse and shampoo again. Use of conditioner will help during the rinsing out.

Product of USA.

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