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Nature's Child

Nature's Child Cotton Breast Pads Certified Organic 6 Pack LARGE

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The brushed organic cotton sits softly against the nipple absorbing moisture away from you. Nature's Child Cotton Breast Pads Certified Organic Large contain an upper layer of jersey cotton that sits against your maternity bra. 100% Certified Organic Cotton. There is no waterproof layer ensuring there is 100% breathability for total comfort. The cotton is thick enough to protect your clothing, simply change them as they get wet. Washable breast pads are an essential item for all new mothers to keep clothing and bedding dry during the natural process of milk leakage.

Day Time Use: Simply position them inside your maternity bra for a snug fit. Change as necessary.

Night Time Use: It is essential to use breast pads at night or your bedding will become soaked. Position your large breast pad inside a soft crop top for night sleeping.

Washing Instructions: There are no special washing instructions. Warm or cold wash preferred. No bleaching. Tumble dry okay. Your breast pads will increase in absorbency after 8 washes.

Top Tips: Simply rinse your soiled breast pads under the laundry tap instead of putting them through a full wash cycle every time to ensure supply.

Disposable breast pads will cost between 8 - 12 dollars per week!
Certified Organic (Certified by GOTS)

Available in 3 sizes:
  • Light & Discreet 10cm diameter. For light leakage. 
  • Daytime/Regular 10cm diameter. A-D cup.
  • Night/Large 12cm diameter and thicker D cup Plus and night time all sizes. Suit Mother's D cup plus during day and all cup sizes during the night. 

How to Choose the Correct Size Breast Pad:

To be completely prepared, we recommend 1 pack of regular for daytime and 1 pack of large for night time. You will only need light and discreet as your milk flow begins to lessen. All women breastfeeding will have some milk leakage. The amount varies for each individual. Some women leak for 1 month, while others up to 12 months. Either way, be prepared! This is an essential item for your baby bag.

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